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Lille Kråke Lunde

Necronym Cori M. Avara-Sanchez
Pronouns She/Them
Thursday's Child, 1976
Married to Tommy Lunde
Languages: US English, MX Spanish, Norwegian (Bokmål,) French

Physio/neurodiverse Gothic Renaissance woman, thrice married mother of one human and two pedigreed Angora rabbit brothers. Founder and CEO of Hønefoss Gothic Arts Atelier and the associated local art club. Retired Assistant Children's Librarian, member of the local Iron Age craft group, volunteers at Veien Kulturmineparken, and in her spare time, sits in coffee shops painting watercolors and drawing pictures of anyone who sits at the table across from her. Loves everything spooky, has a nerdy/geeky/gallows sense of humor, can be bribed in D&D with cheesecake or soft pretzels. Claim to fame; was once kissed on the cheek by Aurelio Voltaire.

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Tommy Lunde

Pronouns He / Him
Tuesday's Child, 1984
Married to Lille Kråke Lunde
Languages: Norwegian (Bokmål,) US English

Dyslexic technology enthusiast and woodworker, father of two pedigreed Angora rabbit brothers. Co-founder of and CTO of Hønefoss Gothic Arts Atelier. Went to school to learn Webmastery and Systems Development, tinkers with all sorts of computer science things, and volunteers at Veien Kulturmineparken. Love everything Fantasy and has a nerdy/geeky/goofy sense of humor, can be bribed in D&D with almost any sort of candy. Claim to fame; had a smoke with the band ‘Boo!’.

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Ann-Maj Thon

Pronouns She/Her
Monday's Child, 1960
Tommy Lunde's Mother

Norwegian knitting queen, member of the local Iron Age craft group, volunteers at Veien Kulturmineparken, decidedly not a Goth. Specializes in traditional Scandinavian winter wear, socks and accessories. Harvests chantarelles, cloud berries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries in the mountains, Loves her Border Collie Poodle, Mira, butterflies, and going up to her cabin when weather permits. Enjoys completing jigsaw puzzles, working in her garden, and hiking.

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Pronouns He/Him
Monday’s Child, 2020
Lille Kraake and Tommy’s Magical Bunny Boy

Eater of branches, dandan lions (dandelions), hay, and pellets, jumper extraordinaire and best Bunny Boy, Hex is the face of the business and the producer fine pure albino angora wool. He’s been with us since the holidays in 2020. Hey kids, you can email him directly here, and he will send you a personal reply!

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